Marc 10:27:40 AM: How may I help you about Daylight Saving Time?
steven 10:27:52 AM: hi marc, how to turn off the Daylight Saving Time setting on my server?
10:28:10 AM: i’m in China where we dont use Daylight Saving Time….
Marc 10:28:23 AM: That is OK.
steven 10:28:34 AM: its not ok
Marc 10:28:42 AM: You don’t turn off the daylight saving time.
10:28:59 AM: The server is in a different time zone from China anyway.
steven 10:29:09 AM: the system clock changed automatically and the time on my website is wrong…
Marc 10:29:48 AM: You may implement a script on your site to take into account for the daylight saving change.
steven 10:29:52 AM: the system clock changed automatically according to the Daylight Saving Time in us, but in China, we don’t use it. so the sys clock is 1 hr ahead….
10:30:43 AM: come on, its the users’ job to fix this kind of problem?
Marc 10:30:49 AM: Yes.
10:31:05 AM: You’ll find this with most any hosting, if not all.
steven 10:31:39 AM: bluehost is not a US-only service. is it a reasonable excuse?
Marc 10:31:59 AM: If we adjusted the clock for you, then it would mess up everybody else who uses our server as well. It would not be fair to accomodate you while messing everyone else’s clock on the site.
steven 10:33:11 AM: i dont want to mess up anybody else’s clock setting, why dont u set two different clocks for two different groups of users? why dont u offer users options?
Marc 10:33:32 AM: This is as profesional as one can get. The best solution is to find a hosting that does keep the clock according to the time zone whether daylight saving or not.
10:34:07 AM: We cannot make two clocks. It is not worth the effort. Very few would benefit. Most simply adjust their scripts to accomodate their site’s clock.
10:34:39 AM: The Daylight Saving gets adjusted on 3rd Sunday of March and 1st Sunday of November.
steven 10:35:13 AM: ok. u tell me, how can thousands of MovableType users outside the US to adjust their .CGI scripts “simply”, and how can you say it’s “very few”?
Marc 10:36:35 AM: That is not a scripting issue we can deal with. I am sorry. A vast majority of our clients are North American and Europeans. We have many clients from Asia as well. Most of them do not have clocks on their sites from what I can tell.
steven 10:37:06 AM: ok. i got it. thank you all the same.
Marc 10:37:08 AM: If you really want to petition we include a second clock, you may open a ticket at and select the Other category.
10:37:22 AM: You are welcome.

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